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At last it's on-air!! Music video for the band "Etnik Sentetik" 's "Ajan" track. Produced by the studio formed by me & my colleagues called Marifet. You can watch the video here.
  • Listening to: Burnt Friedman
  • Reading: Pattern Recognition
  • Watching: Dersu Uzala
  • Playing: funny games
  • Eating: cherries
  • Drinking: lemonade
Back with the t-shirts again.. Actually i was postponing this job for a while.. Finally I get around with it by the help of right music  t-shirts will come out under the brand name of "Blast"...Still workin' on them. i'll keep uploading as it comes out...
  • Listening to: Blockhead
  • Reading: Tehanu (Ursula LeGuin)
  • Watching: Kemono Zume, Planet Earth
  • Playing: Overlord, God of War 2
  • Eating: cherries
  • Drinking: Arizona Iced-Tea (I wish..)